Through this post, we will describe all the details you may know before going to Norcasia and take the tour. In addition, we are going to tell you what you will be able to find, and what you could do. Finally, We will give you some important recommendations to avoid common mistakes visitors usually make.

First of all, we want to clarify that in case you want to visit most of the places, all the visitors will have to board a water boat 🚤; for this reason, if you are planning to go with a small group of tourists at the time to visit those places, it could cost you a little bit more even more expensive than traveling with a tourism agency.

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Norcasia is considered one the newest towns of the department since it has a population of 6.374 residents; for this reason, it is well-known as ‘’La niña de Caldas’’.

Furthermore, Norcasia is located to the east 43 Kilometers from La Dorada, Caldas. Besides, it is bordered to the north by the town of Sonsón (Antioquía); And, to the south by the towns of Victoria and Samaná.

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Coming up next, you could watch a short video about Norcasia which will show you tourist places that you can not miss, such as embalse de Amaní, río la Miel among other places.

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In Norcasia, you could find different kinds of plans as tourist plans to the water reservoir of Amaní and La Miel river. So, here we are going to mention some tours in details in Norcasia.

  • Passes: $130.000 Cop.
  • 2 days y 1 night: $360.000 Cop
  • 3 days y 2 nights: $430.000 Cop

Tours to Norcasia include: 🥨 breakfast, 🍝 lunch, 🍲 dinner and 🛌 lodging.

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In case you do not have your own transportation, and you want to pick up a bus; here, we are going to share with you some options to get to Norcasia by yourself:


  • Coopuertos: It is a direct trip to Norcasia every day which departs at 13:00, and the ticket costs $45.000 COP. This bus company has coverage to La Dorada, Caldas too, and the first bus departs at 6:00 and the last bus departs at 18:00. The time to cover this distance is around 5 hours (Manizales-La Dorada) and the ticket costs $35.000 COP Number phone: 3162714173

  • Rápido Tolima: It departs every day at 15:00 directly to Norcasia. It has a cost of $45.000 COP Number phone: 3153914211


  • Medellín to La Dorada: The ticket fee is about $52,000 COP per person. A couple of bus companies are Rápido Ochoa, Expreso Brasília, and Coomotor. It takes approximately 6 hours to travel this distance.

  • Bogota a Norcasia: To get from Bogota to Norcasía, the ticket costs about $50,000 COP. The bus company which operates directly in Norcasia is Coopuertos. The time to cover this trip is approximately 6 hours, and the starting times are 11:00 and 14:00.

  • Cali a La Dorada: The ticket costs $115-000 COP, and the bus company that offers its services is Expreso Brasilia. It takes approximately 11 hours to cover that distance.

RECOMMENDATION: The bus schedule may change according to different factors such as road and weather conditions, so we suggest you call the companies to confirm the schedules._


Since we may not take the transport straightforwardly to Norcasia from Manizales, we arrived in La Dorada-Caldas, where we had to take another bus to Norcasia. That bus went on for around an hour and a half. The ticket cost $13,000 COP, plus, you may find taxis that go to Norcasia.

When we arrived at Norcasia, a member of the tourist agency awaited us. After waiting for us, the agent took us to our accommodation. While we were heading to our lodging, we could observe that the park of Norcasia had so many hotels. Thus, you have many choices to host that might fit you better according to the budget you have.

We took the opportunity to spend many minutes resting. At that point, we went out to explore a veggie lover eatery. One of our travelers who was a little bit disturbed, due to the transport halted a few times and we did not discover vegan nourishment. Fortunately, we inevitably found an eatery another next to the church, and the restaurant's title is "El Sabor Norcaseño"

After enjoying a delicious meal, we went to relax since the next day began our 2 days and 1 night tour


  • One thing you should remember is that there is not enough Movistar coverage. So if you belong to Movistar as a mobile phone service provider, you can not use your mobile data because of the poor coverage.

  • You should consider it a small town, so if you're not taking money, it's not going to be easy to find a correspondent bank or an ATM.

Now we are going to share with you all the accommodation options available in Norcasia in case you have problems with your hosting.



This hotel is just a few spots away from the park. It is important to keep in mind that all the rooms on the first floor do not work at all, such as an Internet connection (This could have changed in the future).

  • Lodging 🛏: $45.000 COP per person.
  • Parking available for cars and motorcycles 🅿️: It is a free service since the park is located at a safe zone.


This hotel is just a few spots away from the park.

  • Lodging 🛏: $40.000 COP per person.
  • Available parking for cars and motorcycles 🅿️: It is a free service for customers, moreover the parking lot is located in an unsafe zone.

If you love being surrounded by nature, you can find other accommodation options available at some farms near the La Miel River.


  • Lodging 🛏: $170.000COP per person (it includes: breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Phone number: 3146154539 o 3146154539 Finca Puerto Rico.

If you are planning to make a reservation at any of the various hotels in Norcasia. You can contact us on our social media to join our contact list. Accommodation in hotels may vary by the season of the year.


DAY # 1


The next day we were close to Norcasia Park with the other hikers who were traveling with us on the tour. Before we began the trip, we took the time to have breakfast. While we were having breakfast, it was somewhat impossible to verify the full facial expression of the travelers who cited: ‘’We want to be there, I want to swim on that crystalline river (río la Miel), get to the viewpoint, and so on’’. After a moment, some jeeps arrived, which would take us to our first destination 😎.

The trip lasted approximately 40 minutes, split them up like this: 10 minutes were crossed over a main road from Norcasia to La Dorada, and the other 30 minutes were covered for an unpaved road.

Once we arrived at a place where we found a pulley which separated from the boats. To start with the trip on the pulley which was the very first activity of the day, which was basically to swim 7 kilometers for La Miel river. Suddenly, after swimming during 4 kilometers, we started feeling very tired and our arms were about to collapse of tiredness 😅.

Photo: La Miel River in Colombia

After swimming for around 2 hours at the river, we headed to another place where we had lunch close to the river. It was such a phenomenal involvement to be having lunch beneath the shadow of the forest watching the crystalline river and hearing the bird’s clamors 🦜.

Later on, we headed back to the boats to return to the initial point where we began our journey in which we boarded our jeeps to go to a waterfall which was located 1 kilometer away from the main road to La Dorada-Caldas and its name is La Clara waterfall.

Photo: La Clara waterfall in Norcasia

Photo by: Entre Ríos

After going to this waterfall, we came back to our lodge where we seemed at long last to take a rest. Moreover, we took some time to get ready for our stuff since the following day we would be starting our last trip day.

DÍA # 2

The next day, we woke up at 6:00 since we had to be at Principal Park at 8:00 to start our trip. This time, we were on the way to visit Amaní water reservoir, one of the places that most of the blogs of tourism recommend to visit.


The travel at this water reservoir was a very improving encounter since being immersed in that flora made us appreciate what the planet speaks to. Moreover, at the conclusion of the trip, we too seem to watch such a staggering dam; As a result, we seem not to waver to halt to tune in to a historical review about its building process 🏗. When the story wrapped up, we returned to Amaní reservoir. Such a journey kept going for around 8 minutes.

This place should be included in your journey book to visit.

Photo: Amani Reservoir Dam in Norcasia

Photo by: Entre Ríos

When we finished the trip at Amaní water reservoir, we went for a snack, and during the trip back to Norcasia, we passed by one of the tourist places that you should include in your journey book.

MIRADOR DEL EMBALSE DE AMANÍ Mirador del Embalse de Amaní

The Amaní water reservoir viewpoint is located next to the main road, 10 minutes by car from the principal park of Norcasia (The road is in good condition). At the reservoir, we were for around 5 minutes since the guides had to take us to get our snacks at another place. It was a shame that we had to continue with the trip although we wanted to stay longer 😞.

Finally, at the Amaní reservoir, you could find restaurants or residents of the town who sell their products on the side of the road.

Photo: Viewpoint of the Amani Reservoir in Norcasia

When the snack time was over, we retake our journey to continue with the tour’s itinerary.


The Manso river is characterized by its calm and crystalline water, moreover, this river is so open to visit due to the fact that the road which leads you to it, is in great condition in spite of a few parts of the street being kind of difficult to cross over.

Photo: Manso River in Norcasia

Photo by: Entre Ríos

This was the last place to visit. After that, we had to board the jeeps to return to the principal park of Norcasia. Once we came back to Norcasia, we finished our tour.



This place is located below the Amaní water reservoir, which means that the flow of the river depends on the reservoir to facilitate its navigation. If the river does not have its proper flow, it will not be able to visit.

Photo:Rio la Miel canyon in Norcasia

Photo by: Entre Ríos


  • There are tourism agencies that are beginning to rise, and those organizations seem to provide you with a little bit more personalized visit since numerous individuals will not help, not at all like greater agencies. In case you need to know more approximately those accessible visits, you'll press right here clic aquí.

  • If you are one of those people who do like to travel, but you do hate being surrounded by crows, we strongly suggest you avoid visiting Norcasia during the weekends, since you could find many travelers.

  • You're not getting to find a bank correspondent or ATM, that's why we warn you to take cash. Also, a few mobile networks may collapse.

  • If you are planning to visit Norcasia, and you are going to go with a small group of people, we suggest you take trips with agencies since the transportation could cost you a bit cheaper.

  • Lastly, make sure to make the reservation process since in high season, you could not find available hotels.


It is imperative to be beyond any doubt that there are accessible transport companies that work in Norcasia and those transport companies have scope to La Dorada-Caldas; by the way, it has restricted departure plans.

This is the end of the tour to Norcasia, we hope all of you liked it, Do not forget to follow us on our social networks to be stunned it with our latest updates 👉 Instagram y Youtube.

The previous prices may vary because those are an estimated value.