In this post, we are going to display everything that you may know about this magical place called Norcasía, Quindío. We want to put emphasis on the fact that to visit many places like this, you must do it by boat. That is why, if you go with a few people, visiting those places will cost a little more, compared to traveling with an agency.

Agency tour: The total cost of making this trip with an agency is about $390.000 Colombian pesos per person (2 days and one night included). The tour starts in Norcasía. For more information, you can click here.

In this post, you will find the following information related to the trip to Norcasía:

  • Available lodgings in Norcasía
  • Turistic places in Norcasía
  • Interesting facts about Norcasía


Norcasía is the youngest town in the Caldas department. As a result, Norcasia is known as the "Girl of Caldas."

Norcasia is located 43 kilometers east of La Dorada, Caldas, and shares borders with Sonsón, Antioqua, and Victoria and Samaná, Caldas.


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If you do not have access to transport and you want to go by bus, here are some options in order to do it on your own:

From Manizales to Norcasia:

  • Coopuertos: It is a direct, non-stop trip every day at 1:30 pm. The cost of the ticket is $45.000 Colombian pesos (11.98 USD). This company also travels to La Dorada, Caldas, from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, departing every hour. The travel duration is about 5 hours (Manizales-La Dorada) and the cost is $35.000 (9.32 USD).

📞 For more information, please call this phone number: 3162714173

  • Rápido Tolima: Rápido Tolima: The buses depart every day at 3:00 pm on a direct, non-stop route to Norcasía and the cost of the ticket is $45.000 (11.98 USD).

📞 For more information, please call this phone number: 3153914211


  • Medellin to La Dorada: The ticket costs approximately $52.000 per person (13.84 USD).Some bus companies are: Rápido Ochoa, Expreso Brasilia, and Coomotor. To make this trip, it's important to know that the travel time is about 6 hours, although it varies depending on how the route is.

  • Bogotá to Norcasia: The value of the ticket is approximately $50,000 per person (13.62 USD), the company that travels directly to Norcasia is Coopuertos. The travel duration is about 6 hours, the departure time is 11 am and 2 pm, every day.

  • Cali to La Dorada: The cost of the ticket is about $115.000 per person (30.86 USD). Some bus companies are: Brasilia, and Rápido Ochoa.To make this trip, it's important to know that the travel time is about 11 hours, although it varies depending on how the route is.

Important reccomendation: The bus schedules change sometimes, so we recommend making a call with an anticipated time to confirm those schedules.

When you arrive at La Dorada, you must take another bus that takes you to Norcasia. It will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The cost of the passage is about $13.000 per person (3.46 USD). Therefore, there are available taxis that can take you to Norcasía. Once you are in Norcasía, we are ready to start our adventure in this outstanding place.

Norcasía Routes 🚤

When we arrived in Norcasia, we were surprised that, despite being a small town, we found many hotels around the town; for that reason, you will be able to choose the hotel you want.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Due to Movistar's lack of coverage on Norcasia, it is strongly advised to use networks such as Claro, Tigo, or WOM.

Now, we are going to share some lodging options available in Norcasía in case you have any trouble with your accommodation.

A continuación te compartimos algunas opciones de hospedajes en Norcasia, si llegaras a tener algún inconveniente con alguno de estos hospedajes nos lo puedes hacer saber.



This hotel is located a few squares from the park. In the rooms on the first floor, the internet does not work very well (this could change in the future).

  • At night, the cost is $30.000 per person (7.98 USD).

  • Parking for cars and motorcycles is totally free for customers. The parking is located in a safety zone.

📞 The phone number is: 3127190468.


This hotel is located a few squares from the park.

  • At night, the cost is $30.000 per person (7.98 USD).
  • Parking for cars and motorcycles is totally free for customers. The parking is located in a safety zone.

📞 The phone number is: 3107234504.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The cost of accommodation can vary depending on the season.

Once we are settled in our hotel, we can go out to find a vegetarian restaurant for my friend, who, by the way, was angry and hungry, due to the fact that, during travel, we did not find a vegetarian restaurant. Fortunately, we found a restaurant next to a church where the owner had problems preparing food for our friend. The name of the restaurant is "El Sabor Norcaseño''.

After having enjoyed a very delicious dinner, we went to rest, given the fact that the following day, we started our tour of 2 days and 1 night (estimated cost of the tour: $350.000 per person (93.5 USD).


DAY # 1


The next day, we met with all the people who were part of the tour (we were around 20 people in total. For breakfast, we went close to the park of Norcasía. After that, we took the cars to start our tour.

The trip took 40 minutes approximately, in which we traveled 10 minutes on the main road of Norcasía to La Dorada and the remaining 30 minutes on an unpaved road. After the trip, we arrived at a place where we had to pick up a pulley. There we were going to wait for the boats to start with our first activity of the day. One activity was to swim 7 kilometers throughout La Miel river. After swimming around 4 kilometers, we started feeling tired and our arms were tired too.

Río la Miel

After swimming for about 2 hours in the river, we went to another location and had lunch at the river's edge. After a well-deserved break, we were taken to the boats again until the point where we started our trip (the pulley). From there, we picked up the cars to continue with the trip, and we found a waterfall that is about 1 kilometer away from the La Dorada Norcasia highway. The name of the waterfall is Cascada La Clara.

Cascada la Clara

Finally, after finishing our first day of touring, we headed to our hotels, where we took a well-deserved break, and we took advantage of it to organize our baggage, given the fact that the next day would be our final day of tour.

DAY # 2

We woke up early in the morning in order to be able to arrive at the park at 8:00 am to start our trip. This time, we were going to visit the Amaní Water reservoir. The trip by car took approximately 20 minutes (the road was looking good).


We awoke early to return to the main park at 8 a.m. to begin our journey, this time to visit the Amani Embassy. The car ride took approximately 20 minutes (the highway is in excellent condition).Suddenly, on this trip to the Amaní Water Reservoir, we went to get a little snack; However, on our trip, we made a tour through one of the tourist attractions, which I have no doubt is a place you may know.

Represa del embalse de Amaní

Foto por: Entre Ríos


This touristic place is located on the side of the road, 10 minutes by car from the Norcasía's park. We stayed there for around 2 minutes because the organizers had to take us to get a little snack. It was a shame because we wanted to stay a longer time to enjoy the place. Way back then, they promised to take us again; nevertheless, it never happened.

There, you could find restaurants or food belonging to some locals who go out to sell their products near the road. It would be great if you could enjoy more of this magical place. Finally, we got another snack to continue with the tour.

Mirador del Embalse de Amaní


This is a river that is characterized by its crystal clear and sparkling waters. The cars left us in front of this place. The road in some sections is unpaved but in good condition. This was the last place we visited. Later, we were driven in the cars to the principal park in the town. Finally, when we arrived at the park, we said, "It's over."

Río Manso

Foto por: Entre Ríos



This place is located downstream of the Amaní Reservoir, which means that the course of the river will depend on the dam for its navigation. If the river does not have the appropriate course, it will not be possible to visit this place.

Cañon Río la Miel

Foto por: Entre Ríos

When you arrive in Norcasía, you will see various agencies that can show you around the tourist attractions. Before you book a tour, make sure that they take you to the places that you want to see.

RECOMMENDATION: There are agencies in Norcasía that are start-up agencies, and those agencies could give you a little bit more assistance.

You can click here to book your tour click here..

ONE MORE RECOMMENDATION: if you are one of those people who likes to travel but hates the massive amounts of assistance, it is recommended to visit those places during the weekend that have holidays (Monday, or Friday) since you may meet many travelers. To give you an idea, approximately 600 travelers arrived on the last bank holiday.

I want to clarify that these statistics were shared with us by some locals. We do not know if the number of travelers is constant every holy weekend.

Finally, in Norcasía's park, you can find moto taxis that will take you to places where the road is in good condition. If you decide to go on these trips, keep in mind that you will be solely responsible for your actions.


Keep in mind that buses from Norcasía to La Dorada have a limited schedule. This is the end of the trip to Norcasía.

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The costs mentioned above are an estimate, and they could vary.