The hummingbird house is located 4.8 kilometers from the Cocora Valley, Salento Quindío, home of the Colombian national tree, the palm of cera🌴 and many other varieties of flora and fauna, many of them in danger of extinction.

Acaime in the past was a cattle farm. Now, it has a great variety of flora and fauna. It is known mainly for housing several species of hummingbirds that are around this house, some can be seen so close that it seems they do not care about the presence of human beings.

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What will you find 🏞?

  • A path with great biodiversity, flora and fauna.
  • House of hummingbirds.
  • View of the Cocora Valley.
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How to get to the hummingbird house in Salento?

From the Pereira terminal you take the bus🚌 which leaves every hour from 6:30 am the value of the ticket is approximately $ 7,000 pesos.

Once in Salento we stayed in a shared room that we had booked in advance, in a hostel just one block from the main park ver️ see hostel here, if yours are not the hostels and you want something more private we leave you some options click here , if yours are not the hostels and you want something more private we leave you some options click here .

Recommendation: make a reservation in advance, we make them through Booking as it allows you to make a totally free reservation 😋, in this way we avoid running from one side to the other looking for accommodation 🏨💨🏃‍ as it has happened to us 😅.

The next day we arrive at the main park ⛪️ where we take a Jeep to the Cocora Valley, the departure times are as follows; Monday to Friday from 6 am. They leave approximately every hour and on weekends they leave every 30 minutes worth approximately $ 4,000 pesos.

If you go by car or motorcycle you can leave them in the parking lots están️🚗 that are in Valle del Cocora, these work from 6:00 am until 6 pm. The 🅿️ value for cars is $ 10,000 and motorcycles $ 5,000 pesos.

Once here we are ready to start our journey 😎.

The path 🚶🏼🏔

From the Cocora Valley to the House of the Hummingbirds (Acaime) are 4.8 kilometers approximately 3 hours walking.

Mapa Valle del Cocora Acaime

If you don't feel able to walk this distance you will also find horse rental 🐴 for $ 25,000 1 hour.

The road to the house of hummingbirds (Acaime) is very marked. We will go through the entrance in which we will have to pay approximately $ 5,000 pesos and they will give us a bracelet (handle) with which we can already enter the park. We will pass through a valley where we can see behind us the wax palms fading into the horizon, to enter the forest. On our tour we will have to pass through suspension bridges.

Before paying the entrance, ask if the Casa de los Colibries or the Finca la Montaña is open

Suspension bridge

About 4 kilometers we will find two roads on the map that we put before we can see it with the warning sign (⚠️) where 2 roads are seen:

Road on the left: Go to the viewpoint of the palms, which lasts approximately 2 hours and returns to the Cocora Valley (This will be the road we will take back).

Road on the right: Go to the house of hummingbirds, this is the one we must follow. When we arrive at the House of the Hummingbirds we have to pay $ 5,000 pesos of entry and they will give us a cold drink or aguapanela with cheese.

Casa de los colibríes

In this place we can find; Breakfast, lunch and lunch at 10.000 $ 10,000 pesos, private room $ 30,000 pesos (per person) maximum availability for 20 people. Number 📱 3104240360 Paula or 3206959214 Oscar, call ahead to confirm availability.

This is the end of our tour.

How to return to Valle del Cocora in Salento 🏡?

For our return we will go to the viewpoint of the palms. It is the road we saw approximately 4 kilometers away when we were going to Acaime, this road takes us back to the Cocora Valley. Recommendation: Carry out this journey in good weather to fully enjoy the view of the palm of Cera 🌴.

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