Estación Pereira is undoubtedly a place for hiking near Pereira, this place is a path that belongs to the municipality of Marsella Risaralda. It is the most remote path of this municipality, it is approximately 40 km from the municipal seat.

To get to Pereira station you will have to take; Jeep, marranita or as it is also called witch and finally cross the Cauca river in a garrucha, if you do not know what means of transport I am referring to, I invite you to continue reading, since we will explain them later.

This is a route that you can do in one day, you will not have to walk much so it is ideal for families.

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Let's start with the adventure ⛰.

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The value of the tour to Pereira station is on average from $60,000 Cop to $130,000 Cop, this value depends on the number of people who go.

The tour to Pereira station includes:

  • Transportation from Pereira 🚌
  • Transport in marranita and garrucha 🛵
  • Snacks 🥨
  • Lunch 🍝
  • Medical assistance insurance 🫶
  • Guide in English has an additional price 👨


The first thing we had to do was get to the Victoria shopping center (located in the center of Pereira), there the jeep picked us up, it took 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Estación Pereira.

Once we arrive at Pereira station we take our second transport.


Transportation in “marranitas” 🛵: We continue our journey and take our means of transportation, the “marranita”. The "marranita" is a means of transport that consists of a motorcycle that goes along the old train tracks driving a wooden platform on which people sit. This means of transport is very common among the inhabitants since it is a way fast to transport, the trip lasts approximately 15 minutes, then we went to take the "garucha" 😃.

here we can see a sow with its passengers in the back you can see the 🛵 motorcycle which drives

Crossing the Cauca river in "garrucha" 🚡: The "garrucha" is a means of transportation that consists of a thick cable that crosses the river on both banks to which a pulley and a large wooden and steel box are adapted to fit From 5 to 6 people, the basket slides to the middle of the river and the people who go inside it by their own means must reach the other side of the shore propelling themselves from the thick cable.

Photo of garrucha in pereira station


Once we have crossed the Cauca river in the "Garrucha", we arrive at a farm where we take the opportunity to have a drink and continue our journey to the waterfalls that are a 30-minute walk away, we pass through some pastures and then through a forest, to finally arrive to the waterfall

Waterfall in Pereira Station

This is the end of the route to Estación Pereira, don't forget to follow us on our social networks to learn more places like this 👉 Instagram and Youtube.