In this post, we will share all the information about this fantastic town of Eje Cafetero, characterized by natural resources. Also, it is famous for being one of the preferred places in Risaralda for bird-watching 🦅.

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Let's start with the adventure ⛰.

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Pueblo Rico is situated 60.273 miles from the City of Pereira. It is also located on the eastern side of the western mountain range and has a territory of 633.7 miles² approximately as it becomes as the larger extension of the territory of Risaralda. And,one of the most diverse towns in this department 🐸 ⛰.

Several rivers as San Juan, Cuanza, Tatama, Taiba, Curumbara, Guarato, Lloraudó, and Aguas Claras cross throughout this town. Also, several streams and pools of lower flow.

Pueblo Rico was set up in 1884 by Hilarion Pinzón, Leandro Tamayo, Bibiano Chalarca, Justo Grajales and Sinforiano Leiva. And, in 1935 was reported as Corregimiento El Caserio around the San Juan River, known as Santa Cecilia.

Corregimiento Santa Cecilia nowadays has a population of 4000 people who are mostly black, half-breed and native people (Embera-chamí). And, they live in the same territory making this place of utmost importance for its richness richness in multiculturalism in Risaral.


Pueblo Rico lies on the road that links Pereira to the department of Chocó. For this reason, you are going to find a great variety of public transportation. So, if you go to the department of Chocó, you could make a short stop in this lovely town 😏.


  • Flota Occidental Bus company: Buses depart from the Terminal de Transportes de Pereira in the following schedules:4:00 am, 5:00 am, 6:00 am, 8:30 am, 11:30 am and 5:30 pm. The cost of the ticket is around $20.000 COP per person. These bus schedules may vary, so we strongly recommend checking for availability.

📞 Phone numbers of Flota Occidental bus company: (606) 3211651

  • Tatama bus company: Buses depart from Terminal de Transportes de Pereira just at 16:30. The cost of the ticket is around $21.000 COP per person.

📞 Phone number of Tatama bus company : (606) 3214482

Once you arrive to Pueblo Rico, you will feel so fascinated with the outstanding mountain named Cerro del Tatama which is hidden in the background of the town ⛪️⛰.

Finally, you could enjoy the cultural and natural diversity while listening to people speak in the Aboriginal language.

I felt so surprised, even as a Colombian. So, if you are from outside, and you are reading this, I assure you that this will be an incredible experience to live.

Foto Parque de Pueblo Rico

Recommendation: We ought to preserve our roots since most of us like traveling and being able to connect with the farmers, and native communities among others with the purpose to enrich even more our trips and know more about descendants👨‍🌾.


During our trip to the town of Pueblo Rico, we could find a great variety of lodgings, so, we are going to detail some of them.

  • LA CUCHARA RESTAURANT AND LODGING: This restaurant is located in the main park near a disco, so you don't like the noise, we suggest you take the rooms in the background. The housing per person costs around $25,000 COP. Lunch in the restaurant is $12,000 COP per person, and breakfast is $6,000 COP per person.

📞 Phone number: 3218005762

  • RESIDENCIA EL PARAISO: This hotel is located one square to the main park, so in this place you will not be able to hear so much noise from the nightclubs. The lodging per person cost $40.000 COP.

📞 Phone number: 3218005762

Once we got settled in, we went for a walk to the city. And, a few places from the main park, we found staircases that you should take the time to visit.


Those stairs are characterized by its colors referring to the native communities, and you could see on one side each of the flags belonging to the 14 towns of Risaralda.

Foto escaleras en Pueblo Rico

After a brief visit to this beautiful town, we continued to see other natural places. In the information section, we will share a few phone numbers in which you could call to reserve a tour to take this route.


The town of Pueblo Rico is famously home to so much diversity. Because this is the place where the tropical draughts that come from the department of Chocó converge and reach the mountainous areas of Tatamá. This phenomenon makes Pueblo Rico a magical place to practice bird-watching 🦅.

Here, we are going to share some activities that you could do , so if you like rivers or walks in the middle of nature, there are plans to do.


This place is situated in the corregimiento de Santa Cecilia. This place is also located on the border with Chocó. In addition, it was founded in 1985 by some palenque families who were amazed to see the beauty of this place and the richness of the flora, fauna and water sources that this area has.

When you arrived at Santa Cecilia , the local guide Don Blas was waiting for us who explained the tour which we are going to do, then, Don Blas gave us a tour near to the Principal Park.

To our surprise, in this corregimiento we already found many more people speaking Embera and many wore their typical costumes. What we thought was unique, since many of these customs have already been lost in our Colombian territory.

After a friendly conversation with our guide who talked about the three communities that live in Santa Cecilia. He also shared his story and the discovery of a new species of frog that he has. In other words, he told us about many topics that you won't be able to find in many places because it's just from that community 👴🏾.

Suddenly, we continued with our trip towards Murrapa River. This route lasts 30 minutes average and the route was carried out at the border of the river. The road is under good conditions so you could go with your family.

Recommendation: If you don't have your own transportation to get to Santa Cecilia, you could board a taxi with a cost of $25.000 COP per person. Or, one of the buses which heads to Chocó which is found at the Principal Park. This route takes around 40 minutes.

Foto Rio Amurrapa

From this part of the river (Amapurra), you could take other alternative routes. And, if you are a biologist or nature lover, we assure you that you will appreciate them. By the way, the local guide is the one who tells us about his empirical knowledge about frogs and birds 🦅.

  • SENDERO VOLGA: Is one of most important hiking routes on the bottom of Santa Cecilia since older adults can go to sight the Oropéndola del Baudó, Oophaga which are Rana Arlequín, and bicolor Phyllobates since it is the second most toxic in the world. This road takes approximately 4 hours.

  • SANTUARIO DE LOS MURCIÉLAGOS: It is also known as the crazy hiking route; for this route, you could sight Anteojos bears, guaguas, cougars, áteles, among other species. This route takes approximately 3 hours.

📞 local guide contact: 3137932231 o 3193516260


This is a 4.9 miles route where you will find beautiful landscapes full of woods and birds such as:

  • La Bangsia de Tatamáes: This is a endemic támngara which is found under extinction.

  • Other bird species as: Cucharachero de Munchiqu (Henicorchina negreti), Clorornis Patirojo (Chlorornist rieferri), la Cotinga Pechinaranja (Pepreola jucunda), el Quetzal Colinegro (Pharomacrus auriceps), among other important endemic species in the zone.

Foto Sendero del Indio


  • The perfect clothing for this route is: divers with sun protection, quick drying pants, hiking hats and tennis for river, all these clothes you can find in our online store 👉 🏬 here.

  • Remember that all the bus departure times to Pueblo Rico depart only en some schedules.

  • In case you needed a English speaker, you would have to take him or her from Pereira, since it is something quite complicated to find in town.

  • Take into account that you may book previously a tourist guide service due to those hiking routes have a limit, and the person in charge of this tours are the person who live in the communities.


Here we will show you some hiking trails near Perira, and thus enjoy natural places such as: waterfalls, viewpoints or simply bird watching near Pereira.

This is the end of the excursion to the town of Pueblo Rico. Do not forget to follow us on our social networks to know more places like this 👉 Instagram y Youtube.