Bahía Málaga is a bay that is located in the Cauca Valley, approximately one hour by boat from Buenaventura. This bay is surrounded by dense rainforest, which makes this a warm climate with permanent rain throughout the year. This place is recognized for being the migratory destination of humpback whales which arrive in July, August and September.

Since this place is of great importance in terms of fauna and biodiversity on August 4, 2010, the Uramba Bahía Málaga Natural National Park was created, the word Uramba is an African term that means "union."

Within the Uramba Bahía Málaga National Natural Park there are about 6 communities, each of these communities has a community council that works together with natural parks for the conservation of this habitat.

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What do you find 🏞?

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How to get there 🚌 ?

Once in the terminal of Buenaventura we go to the Muelle Turistico ⛴ (this is a few blocks from the terminal), there we find different companies and tourism packages, if you are going to buy a tourist package remember to always consult it directly in the agencies, not with intermediaries .

If you are going to stay in a hostel that is in a place other than Juanchaco and Ladrilleros, the hostel will call the river transport company with which it operates to land them near its facilities, this was an agreement that was made between the communities that live in this area and the river transport companies to allow tourists to reach local lodgings and thus help their economy.

There are several Lodgings in this area, here we mention some of these.

🛏 Lodging in Chucheros Yaneisy

This is located in a place known as the hill of Chucheros, this place being on a small cliff has a beautiful view of the sea 🌊, in all the front of this you can see Juanchaco and brickmakers. This place is mostly attended by family members and residents of the area that will make you feel like family.

Transport 🚤: Transportation from Muelle Turístico (Buenaventura) to Chucheros round trip at $ 85,000, approximate journey time 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Accommodation prices on the hill of Chucheros 🛌: Rooms 🛏 $ 40,000 per person, Camping 🏕 $ 30.0000 pesos.

Food 🍛: Breakfast $ 9,000 pesos, lunch 🍛 $ 18,000 pesos and food $ 13,000 pesos.

To stay here it is only with prior reservation to the phone 3173539258 Yanensy . (The people who work there only speak Spanish)

🛏 Lodging at Juan de Dios beach

The Juan de Dios hostel is located in a 80-hectare nature reserve, its facilities are in front of the beach that bears the same name “Playa Juan de Dios”, this beach is known for its cleanliness as they are constantly campaigning with volunteers to clean them, in addition to this in the background you can see a cave that emerges from the top a stream of fresh water when crossing this cave you will find another slightly larger cave where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset watching the crystal clear waters of the sea.

This place is frequented by foreigners, so the staff that works here can speak to you in English

Prices for accommodation in Juan de Dios beach 🛌: a Bed in a shared room for 2 nights value 🛏 $ 315,000 pesos, Camping 🏕 $ 250,000 pesos per person and Private room for 2 people 🏠 $ 650,000 pesos, all prices mentioned above include: tourist dock transportation ( Buenaventura) to Playa Juan round trip, Breakfast lunch and lunch for 2 nights.

For this lodging it is only with prior reservation to the phone 3148881280 and 3163608492

More information on rates at Juan de Dios beach or volunteer programs at Juan de Dios beach Here

⚠️ At the Juan de Dios beach lodge, the kitchen and its surroundings are not provided to make food, for which you will have to buy it, their motto is to let yourself be attended.

You can see the location of these accommodations on the map below.

🛏 Other accommodation in Bahía Málaga

You will find more accommodations in Juanchaco, Ladrilleros, La Barra, La Plata, Miramar and La Sierpe.

The Path to Loma de Chucheros, Playa Juan de Dios and Playa Dorada 🚶‍♂️🏖.

Once we stayed, we downloaded everything in our rooms and rested a bit and then saw the beautiful view of the beach and jungle that this place gave us. There is a path of approximately 4 kilometers that connects Chucheros passes Juan de Dios beach and reaches Dorada beach See map.

La Loma de Chucheros: This place, being on a small cliff, has a beautiful view of the sea 🌊, Juanchaco, brick makers and the naval base of Bahía Málaga can be seen all over the front, if you continue along the beach board You can reach Chucheros where there is a waterfall that bears the same name, it is advisable to do this tour with a local guide who knows the area since when the tide rises it will be dangerous to return by the beach board.

Playa Juan de Dios: this beach is known for its cleanliness as they are constantly campaigning with volunteers to clean them, in addition to this in the background you can see a cave that gives off a stream of fresh water from the top when crossing this cave you will find another slightly older cave where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset watching the crystal clear waters of the sea.

Golden Beach: is known for its golden sand, but unfortunately on this beach there is a lot of garbage 😢.

Trail to Bahia Malaga

On the map you can see a waterfall called “Cascada de Chucheros”, to reach it from the hill of chucheros, it is approximately 40 minutes walking along the edge of the beach. We couldn't get to that point since the tide was starting to rise - so we came back.

Always remember to do these routes in the company of a guide

After a day full of adventure it was time for a well-deserved rest 😴.

The next day the excitement of all of us was evident 🥳 since that day we went to see the Sierpe waterfall and the 3 Marias.

⚠️ When doing the boat tour remember to take everything of value in waterproof bags, if you do not have one you can visit our store to see some of our available models Here .

Boat tours through Bahía Málaga 🚤:

If you are staying in a hostel near Bahía Málaga you can check the prices of tours directly with them.

Another option is to make these tours in the same day from the tourist pier of Buenaventura (you can find the number of the pier on the internet).

Waterfall the Sierpe in Bahía Málaga: is a waterfall of around 60 meters high that is surrounded by the beautiful vegetation inside the Uramba Bahía Málaga National Natural Park.

Waterfall the 3 Marias in Bahía Málaga: there are three consecutive waterfalls and it ends in a hole in a rock that if you throw yourself you will go out to the sea, only do it if you go with the supervision of a guide.

When it is not a season of whale watching 🐳, they usually change that route through a waterfall called Cascada Ostional This waterfall is a little further than the others we visited, in our case we did not decide to visit it.

The trip per person to each of these waterfalls will depend on the number of people that go and the season of the year.

Remember to bring mosquito repellent or even sell some soaps de mosquito repellents that work very well.

All prices mentioned in the blog depend on the season in which you travel.

How to return from Bahía Málaga 🏡?

It is advisable to go out in the morning hours, since in the afternoon it is more likely that the sea will bite (become turbulent) and suspend the traffic of the boats.

You should keep in mind that the bus schedules of the Buenaventura terminal for some destinations in the country will only be available until 4 pm.

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